•  Jayme J. Stevenson, First Selectman;

•  Charles Alfred Koons, Jr., and Christa S. McNamara, Selectmen;

•  Caryn Diller, Town Clerk;

•  Joan D. Hendrickson, Town Treasurer;

•  Kathleen M. Larkins, Tax Collector;

•  Taylor W. Carter & James Palen, Board of Finance;

•  Dorothy J. McCammon & John R. Sini, Jr., Board of Education;

•  Richard P. Dolcetti, Board of Assessment Appeals;

•  Cara Gately & Larry Thomas Warble, Jr., Planning & Zoning Commission; and 

•  Louis J. Calastro & Alan T. Hyatt, Jr., Constables.

Are you willing & able to help your community? 

RTC Notices

​​Paid for by the Darien Republican Town Committee
P.O. Box 937, Darien, CT 06820   ​
www.darienrtc.com​    darienrtc@yahoo.com


There are many ways you can volunteer your talent, skills, and time to the Darien community. The listings on this page are for positions that are currently available or which are expected to become available soon.

However, the Darien RTC is always looking for qualified candidates who are willing and able to fill positions as they become available.

If you would like to serve on a particular board, commission, or in an elected office that's not listed on this page, please complete and return an RTC application form anyway, so the Darien RTC can be made aware of your interest in serving and can consider your application when the opportunity arises.

Congratulations to our newly elected Republican municipal officials!

​​​The Darien RTC actively recruits and supports qualified candidates for Darien’s local boards, commissions, and elected offices, and is currently seeking candidates for the following volunteer opportunities:

The Darien Republican Town Committee (Darien RTC)

The Darien Republican Town Committee (RTC) consists of up to twenty-one members who are elected to serve two-year terms.

The Committee recruits and encourages qualified Darien Republicans to run for elected office. It also recruits qualified registered Republican and unaffiliated voters to serve on appointed boards and commissions.  The Committee supports Republican candidates for elected offices in local municipal elections, as well as state, national, and presidential elections.  To read about the RTC's platform, click
here. To find out more about the RTC's purpose, click here.

Monuments & Ceremonies Commission

The Monuments and Ceremonies Commission consists of 15 members charged with establishing guidelines for new monuments, markers and plaques erected on public property and with cataloging, surveying and identifying maintenance and upkeep needs of all memorial monuments, markers and plaques on town property. When requested by the Board of Selectmen, this Commission organizes, prepares and monitors public patriotic parades, public celebrations, anniversaries and special community events to enhance the image of the town. When relevant, the Commission consults and coordinates its activities with other town Boards and Commissions. This Commission formed a sub-committee to help in the restoration of abandoned cemeteries. For more information about the Darien Monuments & Ceremonies Commission, please click here.

How to Apply

If you would like to serve on either the Darien RTC or on one of the other boards or commissions that are seeking qualified candidates, please click on the application format you prefer, below, and complete the RTC’s application form. ​​Completed applications can be submitted either by email to DarienRTCchair@gmail.com or by U.S. mail (Darien RTC, P.O. Box 937, Darien, CT 06820).