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In the News:

We needed highway tolls before, and we need them again
By Richard Deluca, CT Viewpoints, The CT Mirror, August 2, 2019

Payroll Tax Commission Gets To Work
By Christine Stuart, The CT News Junkie, August 2, 2019

Planning & Zoning Chairman John Sini resigns commission to run for Board of Ed
By Susan Shultz, The Darien Times, August 1, 2019

CT’s budget reserve on the brink of hitting unprecedented high
By Keith M. Phaneuf, TheCT Mirror, August 1, 2019

​CT Law on Single-Use Checkout Bags Starts Today, Aug 1 — How It and Darien’s Bag Rules Work
By David Gurliacci, The Darienite, August 1, 2019

Public Option ‘Conversations’ Resume
By Christine Stuart, The CT News Junkie, August 1, 2019

First selectman encourages positive feedback
By Sandra Diamond Fox, The Darien Times,  July 31, 2019

Lamont orders restructuring of state’s human resources operations
By Kelan Lyons, The CT Mirror, July 31, 2019

Lawmakers say they've come up with wide-ranging casino plan
By Susan Haigh, Associated Press, The CT Post, July 31, 2019

Half truths and obfuscation on tolls
By Neil Tolhurst, CT Viewpoints, The CT Mirror, July 31, 2019

30 Years Later, More Connecticut Kids Are Living in Poverty
By Christine Stuart, The CT News Junkie, July 30, 2019

1,500 executive branch state workers to receive raises totaling $4.4M
By Christopher Keating, The Hartford Courant, July 30, 2019

Executive Branch Employees To Receive Pay Hike
By Christine Stuart, The CY News Junkie, July 30, 2019

CT Lottery, Port Authority upheaval prompts Lamont to order review
By CT Mirror Staff, The CT Mirror, July 30, 2019

CT ranks No. 45 in 1Q economic growth
By Joe Cooper, Hartford Business Journal, July 25, 2019

Stevenson ‘proud’ to be part of ‘great team’
By Sandra Diamond, The Darien Times, July 24, 2019         

CT Viewpoints: Want toll revenue? Tighten the lock box
by Michael J. Fox Sr., The CT Mirror, July 24, 2019

‘Change is coming, whether people like it or not’
By Mark Pazniokas, The CT Mirror, July 24, 2019

GOP Caucus Ratifies Republican Town Committee’s Slate of Candidates for Town Offices
By David Gurliacci, The Darienite, July 23, 2019

In summer doldrums, negotiations to begin for renewed push for Connecticut health insurance reform
By Stephen Singer, The Hartford Courant, July 23, 2019

General Assembly Easily Approves School Construction Grants
By Christine Stuart, The CT News Junkie, July 23, 2019

Connecticut vs. Boston: How Can We Compete?
By Dan Haar, Connecticut Magazine, August Issue, Published July 23, 2019

‘We’re not going away’: Anti-toll protesters return to state Capitol Monday
By Tess Vrbin, The Hartford Courant, July 22, 2019

Despite speaker’s pledge, House won’t override Lamont veto of restaurant bill
By Keith M. Phaneuf and Mark Pazniokas, The CT Mirror, July 22, 2019

Longtime venture capitalist takes charge of CERC as Gov. Ned Lamont retools state’s economic development strategy
By Slade Rand, The Hartford Courant, July 22, 2019

Majority of transportation projects awarded to Connecticut companies;
some big projects go to out-of-state firms

By Mark E. Fitch, ​The Yankee Institute for Public Policy, July 22, 2019

Legislators pass $161M school construction bill
By Christopher Keating, The Hartford Courant, July 22, 2019

School Construction Advances While Bond Package Stalls
By Christine Stuart, The CT News Junkie, July 22, 2019

5 Things To Know About CT's Bag Tax
Here's what you need to know about the single-use shopping bag tax,
​including how to avoid illness from contaminated reusable bags.

By Rich Scinto, Patch Staff, The Darien Patch, July 21, 2019

As the summer wears on, legislators and Gov. Lamont are still searching for a compromise on tolls
By Christopher Keating, The Hartford Courant, July 21, 2019

Almost Half Of CT Residents Plan To Leave: Survey
A new survey found that residents are more likely than ever before to say they plan to leave the state in the next five years.
By Chris Rhatigan , Patch Staff, The Darien Patch, July 20, 2019 

New Details On Latest Tolls Proposals That Keeps Changing For CT
Gov. Ned Lamont won't give up on tolls for CT and is now open to a couple of new methods for tolling.
Here are the new details.

By Rich Scinto, Patch Staff, The Trumbull Patch, July 18, 2019

Lamont reaches pension restructuring deal with unions
By Susan Haigh, Associated Press, The CT Post,  July 18, 2019

Lamont Touts Bradley Transportation Center As Example of Public-Private Partnership
By Christine Stuart, The CT Junkie, July 18, 2019

Wall Street agency warns CT’s battle with pension debt is far from over
By Keith M. Phaneuf, The CT Mirror, July 17, 2019

Op-Ed: Unfunded pensions, unions sinking CT
By David Stemerman, The Stamford Advocate, ​July 15, 2019

Gov. Lamont vetoes three bills
By Christopher Keating, The Hartford Courant, July 13, 2019

'Courage' of imposing tolls isn't as big as Lamont thinks
By Chris Powell, The Journal Inquirer, July 13, 2019

Lembo urges Partnership for Connecticut to follow all disclosure, ethics rules
By Keith M. Phaneuf, The CT Mirror, July 12, 2019

Gov. Lamont pushes “Connecticut turnaround’’ on CNBC
By Christopher Keating, The Hartford Courant, July 11, 2019

New State Laws
By Terrie Wood, State Representative, The Darien Times, July 11, 2019

CNBC Survey Ranks Connecticut 35th
By Jack Kramer, The CT News Junkie, July 11, 2019

House Speaker: not sure whether highway tolls can be approved
By Christopher Keating, The Hartford Courant, July 11, 2019

CT Dems attracting early GOP challenges
By Ana Radelat, The CT Mirror, July 10, 2019

Credit Rating Agencies Upgrade, Maintain Outlook for State
Connecticut Business and Industry Association, www.cbia.com, July 10, 2019

Second credit rating agency upgrades Connecticut’s bond outlook
By Russell Blair, The Hartford Courant, July 10, 2019

Lawmakers waived appointments to secure Dalio funds for CT schools
By Keith M. Phaneuf, The CT Mirror, July 10, 2019

Dan Haar: Chaos is in Lamont’s style, not his staffing
By Dan Haar, The CT Post, July 10, 2019

Gov. Ned Lamont: ‘No idea’ where legislature stands on tolls; vote not expected soon
By Christopher Keating, The Hartford Courant, July 9, 2019

No bill-signing ceremony addressed carnage in Connecticut's cities
By Chris Powell, The Journal Inquirer, July 9

​​​Lamont not giving up on tolls, despite lack of a deal
Associated Press, The CT Post, July 8, 2019

Gov. Lamont still pushing for income tax cut in highway tolls package
By Christopher Keating, The Hartford Courant, July 8, 2019

Toll calculus: Lamont can’t figure it out
By Paul Choiniere, Editor, The Day, Editorial, July 8, 2019

Getting There: When tolls fail in CT, what’s plan B?
By Jim Cameron, The Stamford Advocate, July 8, 2019

OP-ED: Lamont’s Only Hope In Escaping Tolls Mess: Lower The Gas Tax
By Terry Cowgill, The CT News Junkie, July 8, 2019

When it comes to giving at the office, Gov. Lamont is writing checks — and not taking a salary
By Daniela Altimari, The Hartford Courant, July 7, 2019

Emergency medical workers want a voice at state Capitol
Susan Haigh, Associated Press, The CT Post, July 7, 2019

Connecticut shifts away from big corporate subsidies
By Paul Schott, The Middletown Press, July 6, 2019

Nobody trusts the lawmakers in Hartford
...As an epidemic of cynicism sweeps across Connecticut
By Jim Cameron, The CT Mirror, "CT Viewpoints," July 1, 2019

State to End 2019 With A Surplus
By Christine Stuart, The CT News Junkie, July 1, 2019

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Stevenson ‘proud’ to be part of ‘great team’
By Sandra Diamond, The Darien Times, July 24, 2019

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