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In the News:

​With online sales taxes in place, collections drop
By Alexander Soule, The Norwalk Hour, April 19, 2019

Legislators break with Lamont, pitch tax hike on wealthiest
By Keith M. Phaneuf and Mark Pazniokas, ​The CT Mirror, April 19, 2019

CT sheds 1,300 jobs in March
​By Joe Cooper, HartfordBusiness.com, April 18, 2019

Kevin Rennie: After 100 days in office, Lamont’s fanfare has become sad trombone
By Kevin Rennie, The Hartford Courant, April 18, 2019

New wedge issue: Democrats ratify contracts, GOP objects
By Mark Paziokas, The CT Mirror, April 17, 2019

CT projected to pay $45.6M in Hartford debt aid in fiscal 2020
​By Joe Cooper, HartfordBusiness.com, April 17, 2019

Government officials shouldn’t take sides in labor disputes
By Craig Hoffman, The CT Mirror, April 17, 2019

Advocates pushing hard for sugary beverage tax
By Mark Davis, News 8, ​wtnh.com, April 16, 2019, Updated April 17, 2019

Push past Republican opposition and adopt toll plan
By The Day Editorial Board, The Day, April 16, 2019, Updated April 17, 2019

100 days in, uncertainty surrounds Lamont’s key proposals
By Kaitlyn Krasselt, The CT Post, April 16, 2019

The Lamont administration and Senate GOP Leader Len Fasano
exchange accusations that each is trying to deceive the public on highway tolls

By Neil Vigdor, The Hartford Courant, April 16, 2019

Who pays the next CT tax hike? Democrats must answer question soon.
By Keith M. Phaneuf, The CT Mirror, April 16, 2019 

Darien turns 200 in 2020
By Sandra Diamond Fox, The Stamford Advocate, April 12, 2019

Fairfield County Dems join GOP in push to repeal estate tax
By Emilie Munson, The CT Post, April 11, 2019

Bob Stefanowski vows ‘I’m not going to go away’
By Dan Haar,  The CT Post, April 11, 2019

Lamont, GOP make clear — tolls are a fault line
By Mark Pazniokas and Keith M. Phaneuf, The CT Mirror, April 10, 2019

Cities and towns could face $24M hit from minimum wage hike
By Keith M. Phaneuf and Jenna Carlesso, The CT Mirror, April 10, 2019

Specifics Of Tolls Plan Released By Lamont Today
Gov. Ned Lamont announced some changes to the Connecticut toll proposal Wednesday.
Meanwhile, Republicans are critisizing the process.

​By Rich Scinto, Patch Staff, The Darien Patch, April 10, 2019

Lamont unveils plan to cut CT’s red tape
By Keith M. Phaneuf, The CT Mirror, April 9, 2019

Finance Committee Mulls Bill That Would Eliminate Estate Tax, Create STEM Scholarship Fund
By Christine Stuart, The CT News Junkie, April 4, 2019

Report: CT jobs rely increasingly on international trade
​By Matt Pilon, HartfordBusiness.com, April 4, 2019

Fellow Democrats kill Lamont proposals for private contracting on public projects
By Stepen Singer, The Hartford Courant, April 3, 2019

Lamont, like Malloy, is indifferent to plunder in state government
By Chris Powell, The Journal Inquirer, April 3, 2019

Toll barriers could derail Lamont’s transportation plan: Getting There
By Jim Cameron, The CT Post, April 2, 2019

Lamont favors paid leave that is privately managed
By Mark Pazniokas, The CT Mirror, April 2, 2019

Gov. Ned Lamont predicts Connecticut lawmakers will pass tolls, marijuana and sports betting this year
​By Christopher Keating, The Hartford Courant, April 2, 2019

Aid-In-Dying Fails To Get A Vote
By Jack Kramer, The CT News Junkie, April 1, 2019

Lamont Supports Legal Pot Despite Medical Society Opposition
Gov. Ned Lamont says he still believes legal marijuana legislation will pass, despite opposition from medical societies.
​Associated Press, U.S. News & World Report, www.usnews.com, April 2, 2019

Connecticut lawmakers urged to spend more on tourism efforts
By Susan Haigh, Associated Press,​ The CT Post, March 31, 2019
Scaled-back CT school regionalization plan moves forward
By Kathleen Megan, CTMirror.org, The CT Post, March 29, 2019

Poll says overwhelming support for 'Paid Family & Medical Leave'
By Mark Davis, News 8, www.wtnh.com, April 2, 2019

Lamont: ‘State Should Get Out of Way’ On Shared Services
By Jack Kramer, The CT News Junkie, March 29, 2019

With Democrats divided, passage of tolls no sure thing
By Emilie Munson, The CT Post, March 29, 2019

Bill Regulating Pregnancy Centers Advances, Aid-In-Dying Is Held
By Christine Stuart, The CT News Junkie, March 29, 2019

Lawmaker seeks legal opinion on scrapping vaccine exemption
By Susan Haigh, Associated Press, The Stamford Advocate, March 29, 2019

Leaks, cracks, filth stain State Capitol building
By Ken Dixon, The CT Post, March 29, 2019

Bill to limit eminent domain advances — for now
By Keith M. Phaneuf, The CT Mirror,  March 29, 2019

Lamont seeks help with tolls, other priorities, in D.C.
By Ana Radelat, ​The CT Mirror, March 28, 2019

GOP defends plan to avoid tolls as Lamont administration calls for compromise
By Keith M. Phaneuf, The CT Mirror, March 28, 2019

Controversial CT state economic czar Lehman confirmed
By Ken Dixon, The CT Post, March 27, 2019

Home sale slump another sobering sign of state’s economic ills
By Kenneth R. Gosselin, The Hartford Courant, March 27, 2019 

Dan Haar: Lehman vote reflects ambiguity about his past and state’s future
By Dan Haar, The CT Post, March 27, 2019 

Lawyers who work for state attorney general will get 11 percent raises to $133,000 per year under contract lawmakers approved Wednesday
By Christopher Keating, The Hartford Courant, March 27, 2019

Labor, business and the courtship of Ned Lamont
By Mark Pazniokas, The CT Mirror, March 27, 2019

Republican Leader Says Too Many Lawmakers Voted Last Week on Tolls
By Christine Stuart, The CT News Junkie, March 26, 2019  

Connecticut bans on plastic bags, straws, containers passed by committee
By Emilie Munson, The Stamford Advocate, March 25, 2019

Is Connecticut at a Tipping Point? 
Toni Boucher, Insights by Toni Boucher,  March 23, 2019

Is CT’s slowing job growth a sign of something worse?
By Keith M. Phaneuf, ​The CT Mirror, March 22, 2019

Connecticut labor markets start 2019 with a thud:
Employers cut jobs in February and economists revise January gains downward

By Stephen Singer, The Hartford Courant, March 21, 2019

No pay raise for CT governor, lawmakers
By Ken Dixon, The CT Post, March 21, 2019

Democrats push highway tolls over first hurdle
By Ken Dixon, The CT Mirror, March 20, 2019

Connecticut tolls face first legislative vote of session
Susan Haigh, Associated Press, The CT Mirror, March 20, 2019

Governor amends school consolidation bill to “encourage” shared services; Duff, Looney bills dead
By Susan Shultz, The Darien Times, www.DarienTimes.com, March 20, 2019

Lamont softens stance on consolidating school districts
By Emilie Munson, The CT Post, March 20, 2019

Gov. Ned Lamont predicts passage of paid family leave, $15 minimum wage
By Stephen Singer, The Hartford Courant, March 20, 2019

Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff addresses regionalization concerns in Darien
By Jarret Liotta, The Darien Times, www.DarienTimes.com, March 19, 2019

Public option health insurance bills clear committee
By Jenna Carlesso, The CT Mirror, March 19, 2019

Bills update: Darien officials submit joint opposing testimony to fiscally independent district bill
By Susan Shultz, The Darien Times, www.DarienTimes.com, March 16, 2019

When It Comes To Taxes, We're Almost No. 1 Connecticut
A new report gives Connecticut the dubious distinction of having the second highest tax rates in the country
and it could get even worse.

By Brian McCready, Patch National Staff, The Darien Patch, March 12, 2019

4 lessons Illinois should learn from Connecticut’s ‘fair tax’ failure
Only one state has switched its income tax structure from flat to progressive in the past 30 years.
Its disastrous results may explain why.
​By Vincent Caruso, Illinois Policy, www.IllinoisPolicy.org, March 11, 2019

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Announced February 20, 2019.

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Legislators break with Lamont, pitch tax hike on wealthiest
By Keith M. Phaneuf and Mark Pazniokas, ​The CT Mirror, April 19, 2019

Democratic legislators are proposing a tax increase on the investment income of Connecticut’s wealthiest households to help close the state budget deficit, putting them on a collision course with a Democratic governor opposed to raising any tax rate.

This proposal is expected to enjoy strong support from leaders in the House and Senate’s Democratic majorities, but Gov. Ned Lamont has said he opposes any effort to raise the income tax, arguing it would weaken Connecticut’s economy and drive wealthy taxpayers from the state.

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