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​​​The Republican Caucus took place Tuesday night, as the party made their nominations to a number of town offices official.  The RTC caucus put forth names for 17 offices in town, included below.  

Former probate judge Mike Murray moderated the caucus.

A number of local officials and RTM members were in attendance.... The entirety of the process is typically rather short. This is because all of the positions in question were uncontested, which makes the process much simpler. The RTC officially nominated all incumbents with the exception of Board of Education Chairman Michael Harman.

Members of the press are not allowed to enter for the entirety of the caucus, and must wait outside the meeting until the time comes to for official nominations to be made. Media was allowed in so that candidate speeches could be heard, but only First Selectman incumbent Jayme Stevenson spoke.

Stevenson thanked the caucus for their ongoing support, and for supporting all the candidates. “We have a lot to do. It’s an unusual time in Connecticut, but we are up to the challenge,” Stevenson said. 

The nominations, of the RTC, all of whom are incumbents but Dennis Maroney, in full are as follows:

 Jayme Stevenson For First Selectman
•  Susan Marks and Charles Alfred “Kip” Koons Jr. for Selectman​
•  Donna E. Rajczewski for Town Clerk
•  Joan D. Hendrickson for Town Treasurer
•  Kathleen M. Larkins for Tax Collector
•  Robert Cardone, Paul D. Henrickson, and Jon Zagrodzky (Chairman) for Board of Finance
•  David Dineen and Dennis Maroney for Board of Education
Christopher Peters for Board of Assessment Appeals
•  Stephen Paul Olvany, James H. Rand, and John Sini (Chairman)  For Planning and Zoning
•  Louis J. Calastro and Joseph Tarnowsky Jr. for Constable 

Though there was no informal press release on the candidates but RTC Chairman Brent Hayes confirmed them to The Darien Times in the spring. Darien Democrats caucused on Wednesday night after press time and did not release any candidate information before their caucus. Visit DarienTimes.com for more information on their results.

Darien RTC's nominated candidates at its caucus on July 18, 2017. L to R: Steve Olvany (Planning & Zoning Commission), Donna Rajczewski (Town Clerk), David "Duke" Dineen (Board of Finance), Kip Koons (Selectman), Jayme Stevenson (First Selectman), Chris Peters (Board of Assessment Appeals), Susan Marks (Selectman), Rob Cardone (Board of Finance), Kathy Larkins (Tax Collector), Dennis Maroney (Board of Finance), and Jim Rand (Planning & Zoning Comission).

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Republican caucus
sets the stage ​for election season
By Dan Arestia, The Darien Times, July 19, 2017

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